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Where heaven and earth collide



The Land

  • A 32 acre property located on the san Juan Ridge between Nosara, Playa Guiones, Playa Pelada & Esperanza
  • stunning panoramic views of the sunset ocean horizon and pristine forest land
  • 10 home lots Ready for building, design, and construction
  • only 4 lots left available for sale 
  • Financing options available for foreigners
  • Various community amenities & membership incentives
Founder David Langer bowing to indigenous elders during land blessing ceremony


We are cultivating a collaborative community

of inspired humans & impact-focused families 

committed to the highest realization of our Dharma

through purposeful work & selfless service .

Built on a foundation of integrative science & traditional wisdom,

together we thrive with beloved family & friends

in deep connection with the Earth and All Our Relations. 

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friends singing on Nosara Beach after sunset


Over the last decade, the little surf beach town of Nosara has grown into one of the world’s hippest, holistic hot-spots. During the pandemic, this vibrant international community of nature lovers, surfers, yogis, and families found the perfect balance of privacy & peace from the chaos of the outside world by embodying the authentic nature of the Costa Rican Pura Vida lifestyle.

Leatherback turtle nesting in Ostional refuge

Ostional National Wildlife Refuge 

Strategically nestled within the confines of the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge which extends across Ostional, Nosara, Pelada, and Guiones, Nosara is a nationally protected area covering 200m of coastline, also extending inland along estuaries and mangroves and including 3 nautical miles of marine protected area. This not only makes Nosara an active participant of natural conservation at its finest but also provides a highly- coveted setting for residential development within a conscious community of high caliber, thriving stakeholders.

Meditation teacher embodying spiritual wellness

Guanacaste Blue Zone

Located in the Blue Zone of Nicoya in the north-western shores of Costa Rica, Nosara is a prosperous vortex on the global grid that naturally perpetuates the tangible manifestation of abundance in all forms including health, wellness, economic stability, and environmental integrity.

DSJ panoramic
Available Lots

Available Lots

4 lots remaining

Dream Design Build


Our development team is made up of a well-curated, talented group of both local & international professionals with decades of experience in crafting sustainable, modern homes, offering an unparalleled, start-to-finish building experience for our residents.

Leading the team is Jesse Fairbank from Bainbridge, Seattle, who brings over 20 years of high caliber construction and real estate experience to the shores of Costa Rica. 

Together with LOOP Design Studio, a B Corp certified boutique architecture and design studio based in Costa Rica, we are committed to creating spaces that are purposeful, personal, and built in the best way possible. The LOOP team is collectively accredited in LEED Green Associate, LEED Accredited Professional, Green Project Management, and more, all of which help to reinforce our philosophy of human-centric design and our joint commitment to sustainability.


Every aspect of the home-building process is thoughtfully managed and executed by the team, ensuring quality and cohesion throughout. Our homes blend elegant aesthetics with organic elements, creating spaces that are both ecologically responsible and visually striking. Moreover, our homes are not just warmly captivating but also resonate with the ecological ethos of our stunning beachside setting. 


From the foundational utility setups to the final touches of interior design and landscaping, the Dharma San Juan development team is dedicated to transforming your vision into reality. Our process is personalized, cost-effective, and deeply rooted in a holistic design offering you a luxurious, bare-foot living experience.


Build with us and begin the journey towards your beautiful, bespoke, beach home.

Custom-made House design

Community Center

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LEED Certified logo
Certified B Corp logo
Community Amenities



Co working space


Yoga Meditation shala

Cactus forest

Steam & Sauna


Hiking Trails

Panoramic Ocean Views


Ice Plunge

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Dharma San Juan V1.5
Dharma Family

Dharma Family

David Langer

Visionary behind the Dharma San Juan community concept, Langer has enjoyed the benefits of the San Juan ridge since early 2021. He is the founding partner at VC fund Lionheart Ventures where he invests in consciousness and tackling existential risks to humanity. Langer is also an avid meditator, yogi, powerlifter and student of indigenous wisdom. Under his courageous leadership, David inspires all by bridging brilliant minds from different dimensions and cultivating positive global impact with an unwavering commitment to excellence in everything he does.

David Langer

Jesse Fairbank

Leading the development of the finca is Jesse Fairbank, formerly with Fairbank Construction. Having gained valuable experience in the real estate development industry under the mentorship of his father, he now brings his expertise to the shores of Costa Rica. Known to some as the “Cactus Cowboy”, Jesse is particularly fond of the cactus medicine growing on the land, as well as riding horses, preferably doing both together. Above all , he is a loyal friend, a devoted yogi, and a man of strong faith & good principles with the true heart of a spiritual warrior. Jesse looks forward to building a home and raising a family with his beloved , Mara, and her son.

Jesse Fairbank

James Hodges

James is the Flying Kiwi. After growing up in New Zealand, studying abroad at UC Berkeley, winning the Greencard lottery and spending 11 years in the USA, it was time for Costa Rica! He's here to accelerate the creation of Earth 2.0 through New Earth Ventures & Amphibian Capital. As the newest member of Dharma San Juan, his intention is to raise his future family at Lot 11, accelerate his life's purpose, indulge in magic cactus and biohack his way through the swimming pool & dance floor :)

James Hodges

Mara & Satori

Mara is a Filipina firecracker from the haven of Hacienda Sta Elena supporting the impact design and sustainable community development of DSJ. With two MAs in both AP Governance & Sustainable Development Management, undergrad studies in hospitality & ecotourism as well as extensive volunteer experience with post disaster relief aid & intentional communities, Mara has earned her jungle stripes multiple times over. She is also a kundalini yoga teacher, a kiteboarding instructor, and can often be found singing & dancing with Jesse & her son Satori among the hummingbirds.


Winslow Strong

Winslow is an investor slowly getting into advising and philanthropy oriented towards humanity having a flourishing future. As a board member of the Qualia Research Institute and a supporter of the Foresight Institute, he has cultivated a broad array of spiritual / personal growth practices. The issues he cares about most are: Human consciousness development (research, translation, and scaling of waking up, cleaning up, and growing up), open finance, and existential risk. For the last 5 years, Winslow has split his time between the SF Bay & Puerto Rico living in intentional community and looks forward to spending more time in Nosara with his partner Brianna.

Winslow Strong

Brianna Schwanke

Brianna is a prayer dancer, meditator, visionary artist, shamanic clown/ Loki, integrative health coach, and permission faery . She loves harnessing the power of neuroplasticity, brain retraining, heart-mindfulness, and behavior change practices for radical joy, healing and empowerment. She dreams of living with chosen family in an intentional community where we create a new form of ashram which bridges deep spiritual curiosity, practice, and growth with our mainstream worldly careers and family life. Bri will be bringing her high vibe energy to the DSJ Community with her long time beloved partner, and intentional community co-creator, Winslow Strong.

Bri Schwanke

Casey, Marcia & Kai Hamelin

Marcia & Casey fell in love with Nosara after living here for over a year and a half starting in 2021. They are coming back to Nosara from Topanga, California, where they recently birthed the newest addition to their family, Kai.  Marcia works with clients doing somatic and therapeutic coaching & therapy, while Casey owns his own company working in the tech and blockchain space. When they are not doing their worldly work, they like to read, meditate, surf, do yoga, spend lots of time outdoors/in nature, and cook. They are drawn to Nosara because of the extremely diverse & tight knit community, it being one of the best places in the world to continue to grow their family and raise their children, and it having one of the best and most consistent waves in the world.

Casey Hamelin & Family

Terry & Grizel

Having started developing Finca San Juan from a raw plot of land on an inaccessible mountain in 1999, Terry is the visionary who made the Dharma San Juan community possible. We are not simply buying the land for this community from Terry, we are inheriting a masterpiece he is passing on to the next generation to carry his vision forwards. Meanwhile, Grizel has lived on this mountain her entire life and can tell you what every plant here is called, and its traditional purpose. Her father was one of the main medicine men on this mountain for decades and her family embody the soul of this land. 


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